Caligula Trump

Mike Flynn was fired by the Obama administration, and his security clearance was revoked. Trump was advised that Flynn was a security risk, yet Trump made him National Security Adviser, even though Flynn had already sold out to foreign governments, particularly Russia. Paul Mantafort is awaiting indictment for selling his soul as well – and managed Trump’s campaign.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are using a private email server, both are White House advisers and on the federal payroll – after Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing, and continues to attack her.

Trump wants more violence and harder hits in pro football, at a time when football at all levels is working to reduce injuries, especially brain trauma. Aaron Hernandez killed himself at age 27, and yesterday it was announced that he suffered from stage 3 CTE.

We don’t have a president, we have a self-defined emperor – Caligula Trump.

Free speech and hypocrisy

My digestive system can only take Trump speeches in short bursts, but Friday night I took some Pepto and toughed it out longer than usual, watching and listening as he campaigned for Luther Strange in Alabama. Of course he never really campaigns for anyone but himself, he feeds off the frenzy of his followers, wallowing in their ignorance, hatred and blind adoration.

I’ve been trying to categorize our 45th President. Is he a narcissist? Definitely. Is he a sociopath? Arguably. I see elements of a televangelist preaching absurd interpretations of the Bible and lining his own pockets as he does so, as well as an old-time snake oil salesman, peddling toxic waste as a panacea for every ill in the country. “Drink my message, only I can make America great again!” I also see a carnival barker at a freak show, though in this case the freaks aren’t inside a big top tent, they’re sitting in Trump’s audience. Yesterday morning when I got up it finally hit me, what I really see in Donald Trump – a hybrid of Huey Long and Benito Mussolini; poor speaking skills, exaggerated and inappropriate gestures and pandering to the lowest elements in the audience, just as Long and Mussolini did. Long and Mussolini never had the best interests of their respective countries in mind, nor of their fellow citizens, certainly not of humankind. And neither does Donald Trump.

The current controversy stirred up by Trump is about NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, and it’s amazing Trump is critical – this is the same Donald Trump who hid behind rich kid deferments throughout the Vietnam era. He equated his attendance at military school to active duty, ignoring the fact that his teachers didn’t shoot students who missed class or didn’t get good grades. He criticized John McCain, saying he preferred heroes who didn’t get captured. And he said his most difficult decisions during that awful time were about which starlet or socialite he was going to pick up at trendy clubs, then take them home and fuck them.

Nearly 9 million Americans served in the military during the Vietnam era, 2.7 million in Vietnam – Donald J. Trump was not among them, and apparently never gave it a thought. More than 60,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and some are still dying because of Agent Orange. And Donald Trump has the audacity to tell anyone how they can use their first amendment right to free speech, and tell team owners who they can employ? What a fucking hypocrite.

Angels among us, of all colors

Why does it take the worst that nature can throw at us to bring out the best we are as people, as a nation? I read the story of the 31-year-old DACA immigrant from Mexico who died in Houston, trying to save people from the horrific floods. He wasn’t a “first responder,” he was a disc jockey – and he put himself in harm’s way to save strangers. Yesterday I saw the story about a Florida woman who needed a generator for her father’s oxygen generator, he’s too frail to move to a shelter. The last generator was already in the cart of a man ahead of her, and when her heard her crying and found out why she needed the generator, he let her take his cart and generator. He has a heavy Spanish accent and Latin name, clearly an immigrant – and the white woman he helped called him “an angel from God.” There were no borders between those people, on either side. This morning I came across a recent story; a teacher was buying classroom supplies out of her own pocket because her school district had run out of money. The total was $97 – and the man in line behind her handed a $100 bill to the checker. The teacher is white, the man is a black minister. Color differences disappeared.

I know there are countless stories like the three above, and there will be so many more during hurricane Irma. We won’t hear about most of them because acts of decency and kindness will be everywhere that disasters hit. During Harvey, Mexico offered help to flood victims in Texas, putting aside Trump’s idiotic call for a border wall that he wants our southern neighbors to pay for. When a massive earthquake hit Mexico as hurricane Irma strengthened and headed for land, Texas offered help to Mexico, setting aside the vicious racism and intolerance that we so often hear from some Texas politicians and Texans. And too many Americans.

There will likely be neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen who will refuse to help “people of color” in emergencies. I doubt there will be many of them who will refuse help offered by the people they hate, especially when families are at risk. To those people who hate – stop it! Stop hating, right now. We’re all facing these disasters together, whatever color our skins may be, whatever languages we speak or accents we may have. We are vastly more similar than we are different; we want our families to be safe, our children to prosper and be happy, their futures not limited by circumstances of birth or income.

To Trump and his supporters, followers, current and past administration, including but certainly not limited to Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon, stop using immigration and race as political leverage, stop pandering to the cruelest elements in America, stop listening to the demons that haunt your own damaged souls. Find some decency, even if you have to borrow it, and stop hating right fucking now!