Roy Moore

During his presidential campaign Donald Trump boasted that he could walk out to 5th Ave and shoot someone and not lose any votes – apparently he was right, just as his history and his own words clearly indicated that he’s a serial sexual predator who hits on women, kisses them against their will, gropes them and grabs them by the pussy. So why wouldn’t he endorse Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate? Moore has supported keeping segregation in the Alabama constitution, he has written that women are unfit for office, he claims that anyone criticizing his pedophilia is a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, or a socialist, “socialist” apparently being defined by Moore as anyone who is not a white male Southern Baptist Republican. Listening to the female governor of Alabama, it’s their choice if they support him, and no one’s business outside Alabama. I wonder if he’d lose much support if he formed a lynch mob and went after Muslims, African Americans or Democrats? Probably not. He’d probably still be in a dead heat in the polls if he molested a 14-year-old girl on Alabama public access cable. Fucking amazing.

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