Trump is a liar and an idiot – as always

Donald Trump is incapable of getting his facts straight; in a speech to the “March For Life” gathering of pro-life (anti-choice) marchers he stated that the first right guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence is the “right to life,” using that misinformation to justify his recent “conversion” to a “pro-life” stance. That’s bullshit – the first right mentioned in the Declaration is the right of oppressed men to dissolve the government they have adhered to and establish a new government, one that will guarantee “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – in that situation, rights for white men with property. Women were not mentioned in the Declaration and at the time were considered little more than chattel property. That view is consistent with “right to life” attitudes; women are seen as little more than reproductive engines, incapable of functioning as independent moral agents equal to men. Trump went on to say that only 12% of Americans favor abortion on demand. More bullshit – the most recent Pew poll (from 2017) indicated that 57% of Americans are pro-choice on abortion rights. And finally, it should be noted that the Declaration of Independence is not the governing law of the land. The Constitution is.

Donald Trump is semi-literate, completely lacking in knowledge of history and law, and overall a fucking idiot.

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