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Caligula Trump

Mike Flynn was fired by the Obama administration, and his security clearance was revoked. Trump was advised that Flynn was a security risk, yet Trump made him National Security Adviser, even though Flynn had already sold out to foreign governments, particularly Russia. Paul Mantafort is awaiting indictment for selling his soul as well – and managed Trump’s campaign.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are using a private email server, both are White House advisers and on the federal payroll – after Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing, and continues to attack her.

Trump wants more violence and harder hits in pro football, at a time when football at all levels is working to reduce injuries, especially brain trauma. Aaron Hernandez killed himself at age 27, and yesterday it was announced that he suffered from stage 3 CTE.

We don’t have a president, we have a self-defined emperor – Caligula Trump.

Free speech and hypocrisy

My digestive system can only take Trump speeches in short bursts, but Friday night I took some Pepto and toughed it out longer than usual, watching and listening as he campaigned for Luther Strange in Alabama. Of course he never really campaigns for anyone but himself, he feeds off the frenzy of his followers, wallowing in their ignorance, hatred and blind adoration.

I’ve been trying to categorize our 45th President. Is he a narcissist? Definitely. Is he a sociopath? Arguably. I see elements of a televangelist preaching absurd interpretations of the Bible and lining his own pockets as he does so, as well as an old-time snake oil salesman, peddling toxic waste as a panacea for every ill in the country. “Drink my message, only I can make America great again!” I also see a carnival barker at a freak show, though in this case the freaks aren’t inside a big top tent, they’re sitting in Trump’s audience. Yesterday morning when I got up it finally hit me, what I really see in Donald Trump – a hybrid of Huey Long and Benito Mussolini; poor speaking skills, exaggerated and inappropriate gestures and pandering to the lowest elements in the audience, just as Long and Mussolini did. Long and Mussolini never had the best interests of their respective countries in mind, nor of their fellow citizens, certainly not of humankind. And neither does Donald Trump.

The current controversy stirred up by Trump is about NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, and it’s amazing Trump is critical – this is the same Donald Trump who hid behind rich kid deferments throughout the Vietnam era. He equated his attendance at military school to active duty, ignoring the fact that his teachers didn’t shoot students who missed class or didn’t get good grades. He criticized John McCain, saying he preferred heroes who didn’t get captured. And he said his most difficult decisions during that awful time were about which starlet or socialite he was going to pick up at trendy clubs, then take them home and fuck them.

Nearly 9 million Americans served in the military during the Vietnam era, 2.7 million in Vietnam – Donald J. Trump was not among them, and apparently never gave it a thought. More than 60,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and some are still dying because of Agent Orange. And Donald Trump has the audacity to tell anyone how they can use their first amendment right to free speech, and tell team owners who they can employ? What a fucking hypocrite.

Angels among us, of all colors

Why does it take the worst that nature can throw at us to bring out the best we are as people, as a nation? I read the story of the 31-year-old DACA immigrant from Mexico who died in Houston, trying to save people from the horrific floods. He wasn’t a “first responder,” he was a disc jockey – and he put himself in harm’s way to save strangers. Yesterday I saw the story about a Florida woman who needed a generator for her father’s oxygen generator, he’s too frail to move to a shelter. The last generator was already in the cart of a man ahead of her, and when her heard her crying and found out why she needed the generator, he let her take his cart and generator. He has a heavy Spanish accent and Latin name, clearly an immigrant – and the white woman he helped called him “an angel from God.” There were no borders between those people, on either side. This morning I came across a recent story; a teacher was buying classroom supplies out of her own pocket because her school district had run out of money. The total was $97 – and the man in line behind her handed a $100 bill to the checker. The teacher is white, the man is a black minister. Color differences disappeared.

I know there are countless stories like the three above, and there will be so many more during hurricane Irma. We won’t hear about most of them because acts of decency and kindness will be everywhere that disasters hit. During Harvey, Mexico offered help to flood victims in Texas, putting aside Trump’s idiotic call for a border wall that he wants our southern neighbors to pay for. When a massive earthquake hit Mexico as hurricane Irma strengthened and headed for land, Texas offered help to Mexico, setting aside the vicious racism and intolerance that we so often hear from some Texas politicians and Texans. And too many Americans.

There will likely be neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen who will refuse to help “people of color” in emergencies. I doubt there will be many of them who will refuse help offered by the people they hate, especially when families are at risk. To those people who hate – stop it! Stop hating, right now. We’re all facing these disasters together, whatever color our skins may be, whatever languages we speak or accents we may have. We are vastly more similar than we are different; we want our families to be safe, our children to prosper and be happy, their futures not limited by circumstances of birth or income.

To Trump and his supporters, followers, current and past administration, including but certainly not limited to Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon, stop using immigration and race as political leverage, stop pandering to the cruelest elements in America, stop listening to the demons that haunt your own damaged souls. Find some decency, even if you have to borrow it, and stop hating right fucking now!

Trump, the Confederacy and Mt. Rushmore

With all the controversy about statues and monuments to heroes of the Confederacy, has anyone wondered how many statues there are honoring King George of England, or British generals who fought against the Revolution? Zero………… there was a statue of King George, located in New York. It was lead, and pulled down in 1775 and melted to make more than 60,000 bullets that were fired at British troops. Why are we worried about honoring the Confederacy? It was a treasonous uprising that failed, and it was formed specifically to protect slavery. Most of the monuments under debate now were erected well after the Civil War, and they were erected to enforce Jim Crow, segregation and oppression. We currently have a president who cannot understand that, but who thinks he might someday be on Mt. Rushmore. If that ever happens, we would only have to carve out the part of a horse that goes over the fence last.

What America is becoming

Donald Trump recently advanced the idea that one day he’ll be on Mt. Rushmore, but why wait – the time is right to honor him for who and what he is. We should find a child labor sweat shop in a third world country (The Donald and Ivanka are familiar with those) and contract the creation of a huge white sheet to drape over the Statue of Liberty, with a tall, pointed hat complete with eye slits. It’ll cover the Emma Lazarus poem about welcoming “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” – the Trump administration has made it clear they’re no longer welcome here. It’ll be the real Trump Tower. And we’ll put up a huge cross at the base and set fire to it, a perpetual Trump Flame to replace the “shining beacon on the hill” that America once was.

Trump victory

The Disaster Of A Trump Victory in November

It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump is out of control and seems hell bent on destroying America, and is completely indifferent to wrecking his own party along the way, win or lose in November; he is the Trump Tower that the Republican Party has been building for nearly forty years, starting with the Nixon campaign’s “dirty tricks” in 1968, moving on to using Joseph Goebbels’ “big lie” theory, i.e., tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it. Republicans in general and the ultra conservative wing of the party especially have spewed out incredible lies and distortions aimed at anyone opposing them, demonizing everyone they perceive to be “liberal,”, “progressive” or just a little left of center.

Just a few weeks ago the Republican convention trotted out Patricia Smith, who holds Hillary Clinton “personally responsible” for the death of her son Sean in the Benghazi tragedy. Her speech was painful, her story very moving, and letting her deliver that speech was cynical and morally reprehensible. She ignored the fact that repeated, highly partisan “investigations” could not place legal or even moral culpability on Hillary Clinton. The Benghazi tragedy was more investigated than the JFK assassination or even the 9/11 horror, and still the Republican attack squad could not place blame on Clinton. But convention shouts of, “Lock her up!” at times drowned out speakers, and one campaign official stated she should be put in front of a firing squad and executed for treason – and there was no rebuke from Trump or the Republican party.

When Khizr Khan spoke at the Democratic convention, his wife Ghazala at his side and in obvious emotional distress, his point was that Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants was immoral and unconstitutional. Trump responded with anger and counter attacks, claiming that their son, Army captain Humayan Khan, who died protecting his men and was given the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, was killed because of failed Obama and Clinton policies in Iraq. But Capt. Khan died in 2004, during the first term of the Bush/Cheney administration, and while Colin Powell was Secretary of State. The Kahn’s showed no bitterness, only unyielding grief; their son was the best this country had, and he was a Muslim immigrant.

Trump and the Republican party ignore clear, unbiased statistics about the declining crime rate, the improving economy, immigration impact and the unrivaled strength of the American military. Trump himself insulted veterans by accepting a Purple Heart medal to which he had no claim of any kind, and his claims of “sacrifice” for his country are skewed; profiteering and bankrupting out of debt repeatedly, hurting small businesses in the process, are sacrifices only in the mind of a narcissist. Trump and his party ignore systemic racism, sexism, hatred for the LGBT community, and income and wealth inequity, and seek election by creating divisions among us.

If Trump wins in November, our allies will pull back at the thought of an American leader devoid of any moral compass, wrapped up in his delusional, ignorant and intolerant polices, both foreign and domestic. Our enemies, starting with Vladimir Putin and other sociopaths like him, will rejoice. And if he wins, the majority electing him will get exactly what they deserve. Sadly, the rest of the country, those of us who tried to be an “informed electorate,” will be dragged down too. And this country will no longer be the “beacon on the hill,” it will likely deteriorate into a laughing stock. A Trump presidency will move us closer to climate disaster by ignoring clear and compelling evidence that we have to address global warming. But maybe that will be moot – the moment he takes office, the odds increase astronomically that we could soon face a nuclear winter.

To keep and bear arms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

This week the media covered the fatal police shootings of two more young black men; one shooting was questionable, one appears to have been murder. Both were unnecessary. And the latest story is about a sniper attack in Dallas that left five white police officers dead, apparently motivated by frustration and anger, and based on race. Immediately the NRA and Republicans launched scathing criticism at Democrats in general and Barrack Obama specifically for “politicizing” the issue of increased restrictions on access to firearms. This issue is and always has been a political one, made so by the NRA and Republican supporters who are either equally irrational and fanatic, or simply in thrall to contributions and voter arousal.

The CDC is specifically precluded from spending any money on researching gun violence in America, and there seems to be no centralized tracking of gun violence, even shootings involving police officers. But more than 30,000 Americans die of bullet wounds every year, more than ten times the number of people killed by terrorists on 9/11. We are bombarded more and more frequently by horror stories like San Bernardino and Orlando, by too frequent police shootings of young black men, the list goes on and on. And still the NRA blocks effective action.

We allow dangerously powerful cars on public roads; Mustang GT 350s and 500s, Corvette Z06s, all the way up to Bugatti Veyrons; cost alone limits their frequency on public byways, but for anyone with adequate cash or financing and no training in driving them, those cars are available. They can all break any speed limit in second gear, some in first gear. They are the automotive equivalent of “civilian” versions of assault weapons, those military weapons that are semi- rather than full-automatic, and with limited magazine capacity. When the NRA calls for not limiting magazine capacities on firearms like the AK47 and M16 (AR15 in its civilian configuration), that is the equivalent of calling for Indy and Formula I cars on public roads; those cars are purpose built for limited use, just as assault weapons are designed for one thing; killing people as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fish and game agencies generally limit magazine capacity on firearms used for hunting game, but the NRA wants no such restrictions when it comes to hunting people.

When Lee Harvey Oswald killed John Kennedy in 1963 he used a mail-order Italian carbine (I won’t debate the conspiracy theorists here, that’s a separate issue), but the NRA opposed the legislation that put an end to mail order guns. The NRA position would have made it easy for an 11-year-old to save up his (or her) allowance and send off a money order to buy a gun to take to school. The NRA opposes expanded background checks that would make it much more difficult for those with histories of mental instability to purchase guns legally and conveniently. The NRA also opposes prohibiting gun sales to individuals on the “no fly” terrorist watch list, and blocks efforts to stop wide open gun sales at gun shows. The NRA constantly calls for lifting restrictions on carrying weapons in public, either concealed or in plain sight, claiming that if more citizens were armed, violent criminals would be stopped. When I hear that idiotic position I’m reminded of an incident that happened on November 29, 2009, in Lakewood, Washington; four police officers were sitting in a restaurant, working at laptops before starting their shift. They were all shot and killed by one individual. These were trained and armed police officers, all wearing bullet proof vests. One officer did manage to draw his weapon from the holster and return fire, hitting the assailant in the abdomen. The other three officers never returned fire. Again, these were four trained, armed police officers, collectively with more than 50 years of police experience. They were caught completely off guard. How would any rational person think private citizens, without any training, would be more effective?

It’s past time we acted to stop this gun violence; maybe the life you save will be your own, driving to work or sitting at your desk, or that of your child whose classmate gets access to an adult family member’s gun and brings it to school, and fires it accidentally. Maybe the life you save will be your minister/priest/rabbi/mullah, holding a quiet study session when an insane racist breaks in and opens fire. Maybe the life you save will be a niece or nephew, enjoying a night at a local club, gay or straight, cowboy or goth. Maybe the life you save will be a complete stranger – and that’s no less worth saving.

When I see all the absurd positions advocated by the NRA and other like-minded nitwits, I have to think…. what part of “well regulated” are you just too fucking stupid to understand?

ISIS and crimes against humanity

An open email to President Obama;

Mr. President,

Can you or someone in your administration tell me what moral line ISIS must cross before the entire world simply says, “Enough! Crimes against humanity will not be tolerated!” Obviously it didn’t happen when they caged a Saudi pilot and burned him alive, it didn’t happen with the public beheading of captured journalists, or with the public beheading of an octogenarian curator who refused to tell them where he had hidden antiquities. Now they have released a video of four captured Iraqis who were burned alive. There is growing evidence that ISIS has used chemical weapons, and will certainly continue to do so with any weapons of mass destruction at their disposal.

ISIS has instituted systematic rape of captured women and girls from ethnic minorities, and they are cataloging and warehousing them to be sold into slavery; some of the women have been fortunate enough to be ransomed back to their families, often with the help of a Canadian organization. Ransom proceeds are being used to finance their Jihad of terror, along with proceeds from captured oil fields, and the black market sale of looted antiquities. Archeological sites are being routinely destroyed, sites that date back centuries and even millennia, and are irreplaceable.

There are an estimated 4 million refugees from the conflicts in the Middle East; ISIS is not the only cause of that violence, but they are certainly a central player. And they do so without any ethical constraints. The world is at the point that Europe is being overwhelmed by terrified refugees, and people are drowning in the Mediterranean, trying to reach safety. And still the world stands by, even as the bodies of drowned children wash ashore.

I do not believe that America is or should be the world’s police force, but I do believe we have a moral responsibility to seek participation by the United Nations and put an end to this. Mr. President, you have sixteen months left in your Presidency; please be remembered as the President who led the world in ending this horror.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Thank you,
Donald Hunt
Copyright 2015

Obgerfell v Hodges, Deeply held beliefs and religious wars

Deeply Held Religious Beliefs

September 6, 2015
Kim Davis is now sitting in jail for contempt of court, i.e., violating a federal court order to follow the oath of office she swore, and do her job. Both testaments of the Bible are very clear about keeping an oath, and while Mrs. Davis has violated that oath for more than two months she has collected more than $13,000 in salary funded by tax dollars. Not only is she an oathbreaker, she’s a thief.

Do your job, Kim Davis, or resign. It’s as simple as that.

Obergefell v. Hodges is a month old now, and predictably all hell has broken loose; fundamentalist Christians are demanding that they be exempt from serving the demon LGBT community, saying their “deeply held” or “sincerely held” religious beliefs protect them from dismissal or legal action. Republican presidential hopefuls are whipping up a frenzy, demanding legislation to protect the right to discriminate. Personally I think we’re going about this all wrong; we need to pass legislation allowing discrimination based on deeply held beliefs, religious or otherwise. But we need some guidelines, and I propose the following (as talking points, of course):

First, we can’t have any litmus test for blasphemy or hypocrisy. Most religions teach that judgment is a right reserved for God, and it’s sinful and arguably blasphemous for people to demand authority reserved for God. As far as hypocrisy goes, “born again” county clerks who have been divorced, wear any jewelry or outfits with two or more materials really shouldn’t be judging anyone at all (yes, all those are in the Old Testament – I’m not sure on the two or more materials, does that mean it’s an “abomination” to wear a cotton shirt with wool slacks, or does it also outlaw cotton/rayon blend blouses? Maybe – probably both.). Can’t enjoy shellfish either, eating shrimp is an “abomination”, and anyone enjoying a lobster dinner to celebrate the successful persecution of a lesbian, or would enjoy a nice bowl of clam chowder on a cold winter day, wouldn’t be given the protection of a “sincerely held religious belief.” Christians and Jews can’t eat pork or touch a pig’s carcass either (that’s in Deuteronomy). So, born agains don’t have to issue marriage licenses to LGBTs, especially if they find out shrimp cocktails or ham would be served at a reception. By the way, evangelicals, you might want to think twice about that Easter ham tradition, and on days when you’re going to discriminate based on your beliefs, you probably shouldn’t have that sausage McMuffin on the way to work.

We can’t stop with the above, we’re just getting warmed up! Firefighters and cops won’t have to help anyone they deem “unworthy” in their definition of God’s eyes. If a paramedic sees someone in the agonizing throes of a heart attack and that person has a tattoo, they’re as good as dead. Yep, that’s in the Bible too. Muslim county clerks won’t have to issue marriage licenses to gays or lesbians, Islam is homophobic too. But Muslim clerks can issue marriage licenses to one man and as many four wives, Islam allows that, and the Old Testament doesn’t place any limit on the number of wives and “concubines” a man can have. The hell with secular law, the Bible rules supreme, doesn’t it? Or in some cases the Quran.

Maybe we should codify who can do what to discriminate (hate) whom. Mormons can hate Catholics because they use wine in the sacrament. Catholics can hate anyone they want, they can cover themselves with confession and acts of contrition, and they’re absolved. All self-professed Christians can be intolerant with Mormons because of false prophets and the Book of Mormon. Mormons also have that whole history thing with polygamy (technically “polygyny”) but we’ve resolved that; it’s cool. We can all discriminate against Jehovah’s Witnesses because of that door to door thing with “The Watchtower”; ever notice how the timing is always terrible? It pisses me off if I’m just sitting down to eat and they ring the doorbell, or there’s a really close sporting event that I’m watching. The worst timing is when I’m enjoying something intimate with someone (likely considered “perverse” or “sinful” by one religion or another, or more than one). And we should all discriminate against Scientologists, that religion is as bat shit crazy as its founder.

We have a place to start; eventually we can get around to repealing suffrage (most religions relegate women to quiet, subordinate roles), and we can do away with child abuse laws for parents; according to the Old Testament, disobedient, disrespectful children should be stoned to death. So should adulterers – does that apply to divorce and remarriage? So we’ll have years of legislative fine tuning and a whole new area for lawyers; “deeply held” religious hate crimes. For now, maybe it would be a good idea for businesses who don’t wish to serve the entire public to post signs at the entrances; “We endorse the Westboro Baptist Church”. Or maybe, “Go Taliban!” I see strong similarities, hate and intolerance being the common element.

I find myself in the fortunate position of not being able to avail myself of the proposed religious non-freedom proposed above; I’m an “unwashed” (never baptized or christened) heathen and I don’t follow any religious doctrine that involves judging others, or hating anyone for our different beliefs. I’m neither atheist nor agnostic, I just think God is too busy to micromanage our lives, She’s interested in really big things like managing a universe that’s around 14 billion years old, and coming up with really neat stuff like gravity and inertia and black holes – how cool are those?! Even cooler, from a human perspective – hearing a child laugh with delight at learning something new and knowing children are born without hate, and the amazing feeling of loving someone who loves us back, regardless of gender or genital equipment – or number. And when God is really in a playful mood She gives us really bizarre shit like the duck-billed platypus and Donald Trump. I guess I’m a Contrarian, I say and believe things that generally piss off religious fanatics. And I know that means that according to most beliefs I’m going to hell. Who isn’t? According to just about everyone else, if you don’t believe as they do you’re evil, and you’re screwed. Heaven is probably reserved for really good folks like the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Gandhi, people who really tried to get us to accept each other and work on our own shortcomings without judging and hating everyone else for theirs.

So bring it on, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, and all the other 87 or so Bible-beating current and possible Republican presidential candidates; keep telling the “big lie” that Christians are being persecuted, they’re actually inflicting the persecution; keep insisting there’s a sinister progressive/liberal/socialist/LGBT+Q and P conspiracy. That “conspiracy” consists of nothing more than wanting to be free to live life as we choose, to stand equal before the law and in society. We are not the enemy, you are with your bullshit religious war.
Copyright 2015
All rights reserved

The Right to Choose

Public Controversy, Private Decisions

Roe vs. Wade: 42 years and more of controversy, cowardice and control

Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision that struck down some of the restrictions placed on abortion, is being lamented by some as the end of civilization as we know it and lauded by others as a key decision regarding privacy and a woman’s right to control her own reproduction. A recent New York Times/CBS News Poll indicates that this nation is deeply divided over the issue, which should come as no great surprise to anyone even slightly aware of what’s going on in society.

The Times/CBS poll asked the wrong questions of the wrong people, and I would suggest that a new poll be conducted, one that more accurately reflects the issues that make up the abortion controversy:

First let’s limit our sample. We won’t ask any men how they feel about abortion, because they won’t ever be faced with having to make the decision. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Catholic priests and Southern Baptist ministers won’t have any say on the issue, not because they’re clergy and have already announced their own moral choices, but because they’re men. We won’t poll women who aren’t of child-bearing age, so middle-aged nuns and post-menopausal female members of Operation Rescue won’t see the poll, not because they demonstrate outside abortion clinics, but because they won’t have to face the decision themselves. We won’t ask children, male or female, because they’re too young to understand the issues, even though too many girls are impregnated when they’re still too young to understand what having a child will do to their lives, or to the child’s.

Our sample will be limited to girls and women ages between, say, 14 and 50. We could lower the age limit to include 12-year-old girls, but we won’t put any medical requirements on the poll – 12 to 50 is a good cross-sample. No woman will have to prove that she can or cannot have children, and we can eliminate Susan Carpenter MacMillan, not because she’s had two abortions and is now making a nice living as a spokesperson for the radical anti-choice movement, but because she’s outside the age bracket.

Now we have to phrase the questions.

“Do you think a government agency should have the authority to require women to carry a pregnancy to term?” I can imagine what the response would be if we ask a group of mid-20s women who have completed college and are starting careers, and face unexpected pregnancies because their birth control failed. Probably about the same kind of response we’d get if we ask women who already have children and find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, whether those women have jobs or careers outside the house, or if they have chosen careers within the home.

“Are women capable of functioning as competent moral agents independent of government regulation and social expectations, and therefore able to make rational decisions about reproduction?” The hell with the Promise Keepers – I hold to the idea that women are at least as competent at moral decisions as are men, including the men who hold the reins of authority and power.

“Should parents be notified if a minor seeks an abortion?” Let’s ask the 15-year-old girl who has been molested by a male relative or family friend and finds herself pregnant.

“Should there be a required ‘waiting period’ before an abortion can be obtained?” Can any pregnant woman forget for one moment that she’s pregnant, whether she wants a child or not?

“Should abortion restrictions apply in the second or third trimesters of pregnancy?” Let’s ask a woman, six months pregnant, who has just found out that her child, if delivered, will be anencephalic and will never have brain function. Or the woman who has been told that if she carries her pregnancy to term she will put her life at risk, or could destroy her ability to have children in the future. (It should be noted that the issue of “partial birth abortions” is a grotesque misnomer – no woman can have a partial birth anymore than she can be partially pregnant, and the procedure does not involve using a syringe to “suck out the brains” of a living child.)

“Does a woman have an inherent right to make private decisions regarding her own body and to control her own reproductive choices?” Wanna bet what kind of response this question would get from our sample group?

When the Chinese government adopted a policy of requiring abortions for women who have already had a child, American criticism and opposition were nearly universal. Now we see an increasing number of Americans who would mandate that some women, perhaps all, be required to carry all pregnancies to term. These aren’t opposite sides of the issue; the two positions are part and parcel of the same controlling, authoritarian presumptions that have relegated women to second class citizenship for millennia.

Until all restrictions are removed regarding a woman’s inherent right to make her own reproductive decisions privately, with the help of a doctor who will not be placed on a “wanted list” and with full access to a medical facility that is not targeted for violence or blockaded by fanatics, this nation will not have approached the promise of equality and justice. Every woman must have complete authority to define her pregnancy in her own terms, and that means abortion as well as reproductive information must be available, regardless of any woman’s social, ethnic, religious or economic standing. Women are not simply life support systems for uteri – the ability to bear children is only part of what a woman is, and must not be subject to majority presumption or government regulation.

A woman has an absolute right to say “no” at any point during sex – she also has the right to say “no” at any point to the result of sex.

Copyright 1998, 2015
All rights reserved